Maurice Cayley line

An English family originating in Ireland

Maurice Cayley was born in Ireland in about 1815. The 1861 census shows him working as a groom in York, Yorkshire, England. His wife’s first name was Anna (b. c.1816 in Ireland). He died in 1866. Maurice Cayley and Anna had at least eight children:

  • Maurice Cayley (b. c.1842 in York, d. 1911 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England), who moved to Birmingham, where he was a confectioner. In 1863 he married Eliza Perry (b. c.1842 in Cheltenham, Gloucetsershire, England).
  • Jeremiah Cayley (b. c.1850 in York, d. 1874 in Birmingham)
  • John Cayley (b. c.1850 in York)
  • Helen Cayley (b. c.1853 in York)
  • Joseph Cayley (b. c.1854 in York). He moved to Burnley, Lancashire, where he worked as a sawyer and labourer in a timber yard. His wife’s first name was Sarah (b. c.1855 in London, England). They had at least one child, Joseph Francis Cayley (b. 1874 in York), who in 1901 married Frances Dyson (b. c.1879 in Burnley).
  • James Stephen Cayley (b. c.1856 in York), who moved to Scarborough, Yorkshire, and subsequently to Hartlepool, County Durham, working as a wood carver and gilder. In 1878 he married Jane Sedgwick (b. c.1852 in Hutton Henry, County Durham). They had at least four children:
    • Mary Hannah (or Anna) Cayley (b. 1879 in Scarborough), who became a domestic servant and cook – censuses show her working in Hartlepool, County Durham, and in Ganisborough, Lincolnshire
    • Anne Elizabeth Cayley (b. 1883 in Scarborough), who worked as a cook in a household in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham
    • Jane Ellen Cayley (b. 1888 in Scarborough)
    • Joseph Aloysius Cayley (b. 1892 in Scarborough, d. 1970 in New Zealand), who served as a gunner in the British army in Hong Kong before World War One, and was discharged from the army in 1919, and who emigrated to New Zealand in 1965: in 1919 he married Lily Dorothy Moyse (b. 1898 in Woolwich, Kent, England; d. 1976 in New Zealand).
  • Mary Cayley (b. c.1859 in York)
  • Anna Cayley (b. c.1860 in York)

Maurice Cayley and Eliza Perry had at least seven children:

  • Ellen (or Helen) Mary Cayley (b. 1866 in Birmingham), who worked in a warehouse in Birmingham before marrying Thomas Broadbent (b. 1861 in Birmingham) in 1889
  • Thomas Cayley (b. 1869 in Birmingham, d. there in 1954), who was a gold jeweller in Birmingham and who in 1896 married Sarah Ann Edwards (b. 1874 in Birmingham, d. there in 1943)
  • Hannah Louisa Cayley (b. 1873 in Birmingham), who worked in her brother Thomas’s jewellery business and married in 1903
  • Maurice Joseph Cayley (b. 1876 in Birmingham, d. there in 1946), who worked variously as a brass caster, engine fitter and tool turner in a gas engineering firm, and who in 1904 married Kate Parry (b. c.1880 in Kettering, Northamptonshire, d. 1923 in Birmingham). They had four children:
    • Maurice Frederick Cayley b. 1904 in Birmingham, d. 1984 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire), who in 1943 married Hilda Scragg (d. 1976 in Coventry, Warwickshire)
    • Doris Cayley (b. 1907 in Birmingham), who in 1926 married a man with the surname Kenning
    • Frederick John Cayley (b. 1909 in Birmingham), who in 1936 married Nina Alice Munro
    • Herbert Joseph Cayley (b. 1912 in Birmingham, d. there in 1981), who was a van driver in 1946
  • Frederick John Cayley (b. 1878 in Birmingham, d there in 1931), who worked as a tinplate maker and lamp maker, and who in 1915 married Lilian Mann (b. 1888 in Birmingham, d. there in 1952)
  • Minnie Cayley (b. 1881 in Birmingham), who married in 1904
  • Jessie Eliza Cayley (b. and d. in 1872 in Birmingham).