Cayley-Walker line

A London family

William Cayley was, according to the 1841 census, born in about 1771. He worked as an upholsterer in the Islington district of London, England. In 1791 he married Margaret Walker (d. 1844). They had at least seven children:

  • William Cayley (b. in Islington in 1792, d. there in 1862), who worked in the family upholstery business, and who in 1818 married Martha Wade (c.1803-1869)
  • Thomas Cayley (b. 1796, d. after 1841), who also worked in the upholstery business
  • Joseph Cayley (b. in Islington in 1800)
  • Ann Cayley (b. in Islington in 1801, d. in Hackney, Middlesex in 1880), who in 1818 married Jonathan Dawes (1791-1871). They had at least six children.
  • Alexander Cayley (b. in Islington c.1802, d. there in 1879), who also worked in the family uphosltery business, though by the 1871 census he was an undertaker. He appears to have married twice. His first wife had the christian name Eleanor, and they had a daughter, Ellen Rouse Cayley, baptised in Lambeth, Middlesex in 1837. His second wife was Dinah Bartlett, whom he married in 1857.
  • John Cayley (b. in 1806 in Islington, d. 1861 in Norhtfleet, Kent), whose wife was christened Mary (c.1813 – 1885). They had at least five children:
    • Mary Ann Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1834)
    • John Henry Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1836, d. in Northfleet, Kent in 1868), who worked as a clerk in a bank in Northfleet and then as a tobacconist in Milton, Kent
    • William Charles Cayley (b. in Islington in 1838, d. there in 1843
    • Mary Ann Cayley (b. in Islington in 1846), who is 1871 was working as a ladies’ outfitter in Kensington, London
    • Margaret Ann Cayley (b. in Islington in 1848), who was also a ladies’ outfitter in Kensington in 1871
  • Henry Cayley (b. in Islington c.1811, d. in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire in 1895), who became a JP in Buckinghamshire and who in 1859 married someone with the christian name Elizabeth (b. in Buckingham c.1815, d. there in 1899)

William Cayley and Martha Wade had at least seven children:

  • William Thomas Cayley, baptised in Islington in 1819
  • Martha Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1822, d. there in 1827)
  • Alfred Alexander Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1823, d. there in 1913), who worked variously as a cabinet maker, a labourer, and a painter/decorator. In 1850 he married Mary Ann Day (b. c.1828, d. after 1901), who was working as a dress-maker in Islington in 1881
  • Emily Margaret Cayley (b. c.1826 in Islington, d. 1907 in Edmonton, Middlesex)
  • Sarah Martha Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1829, d. 1908 in Hove, Sussex), who married James Vernon (b. c.1824 in Chingford, Essex, d. 1859 in Islington): they had at least seven children
  • Henry Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1831, d. there in 1833) Henry John Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1834, who went into the family uphostery business before emigrating to the United States, where he died in Middlesborough, Kentucky in 1896

Alfred Alexander Cayley and Mary Ann Day had at least five children:

  • Mary Ann Jane Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1853), who in 1882 married George Clark (b. c.1856 in Exeter, Devon) in Highbury, Middlesex: they had at least four children
  • Emily Martha Cayley (baptised in Islington in 1855), who married Michael Cromin in 1885
  • Anna Clara Cayley (b. in Islington c.1859, d. there in 1931), who married William James Troop in 1876, and had at least one child, Bertie Alexander Troop (1890-1974)
  • Louisa Sarah Cayley (b. in Islington in 1862, d. 1942 in Edmonton, Middlesex), who was a domestic servant in 1881 and who married Morley Punnshon Foulkes in 1893: they had at least five children
  • Alice Edith Cayley (b. in Islington in 1867), who was working as a machinist in 1881, and who married in 1888, though I do not have the name of the husband