Cayley-Richardson line

A family from Kent

Elizabeth Cayley and her brother James William Cayley were born in Chatham, Kent, England in about 1809 and 1811 respectively. Elizabeth married a man with the surname Bennett. They may well have been connected to the Cayley-Delamere line, but this is not proved.

James William Cayley moved to Hackney, London, where he worked as a piano maker. In 1835 he married Christiana Richardson (b. c.1818 in Thetford, Norfolk, d. 1862 in London). They had at least five children:

  • James William Cayley (1836-1857)
  • Walter John Cayley (1838-1882), who went into his father’s piano business, and who in 1859 married Harriett Mayers (b. c.1838 in Shorditch, Middlesex, England; d. 1876 in Bethnal Green, London)
  • George Alexander Cayley (b. 1839)
  • Emma Jane Cayley (1844-1864)
  • Elizabeth Alice Cayley (b. 1846), who in 1874 married William Applebee

Walter John Cayley and Harriett Mayers had at least seven children:

  • Walter John Cayley (b. 1860 in Bethnal Green, London; d. 1889 in Islington, London), who in 1884 married Emily Mayers, presumably a maternal cousin
  • William James Cayley (b. 1863 in Hackney, Middlesex; d. 1901 in Hackney), who followed his father into the piano-making business, and who in 1904 married Ellen Elizabeth Swift (b. 1867 in Hackney, d. 1934 in Hackney)
  • Charles Cayley (b. 1865 in Tottenham, Middlesex; d. 1891 in Hackney), who also went into the piano-making business and who married a woman of the firstname Elizabeth (b. in London in 1870). They had at least two children:
    • Elizabeth Harriet Cayley (b. 1890 in Haggerston, London)
    • Ellen Cayley (b. 1891 in Hackney)
  • Elizabeth Harriet Cayley (b. 1868 in Bethnal Green, d. 1885 in Hackney)
  • George Cayley (b. 1870 in Bethnal Green, d. 1929 in Hackney), who worked as a labourer and bricklayer, and who married Henrietta Hyett (b. c.1874 in Shoreditch) in 1908
  • Harry Cayley (b. 1872 in Bethnal Green), who worked as a hairdresser in Walthamstow, Essex, and who married Emily Cayley (b. c.1862 in Haggerston, London), presumably a cousin, in 1897
  • Thomas Cayley (b. 1874 in Bethnal Green), who worked variously as a writer, a carpenter, and a steam engineer, and who moved to Walthamstow, Essex before the 1901 census

William James Cayley and Ellen Elizabeth Swift had at least two children:

  • Ellen Elizabeth Cayley, known as Nellie (b. 1890 in Hackney), who in 1916 married Joseph Arthur Lovell
  • Edward Albert Cayley (b. 1892 in Hackney, d. 1966 in Chingford, Essex), whom the 1911 census records as an artificial stone plasterer. In 1923 he married Eva Marion Deacon (d. 1983 in Waltham Forest, Essex).