Cayley-Nokes line

A Canadian family of Irish origin

There are a number of Canadian Cayley families of Irish origin. The original irish surnames were probably Keeley, Kelly or something similar, and the spelling of the surname may have been changed because there were prominent Cayleys in Canada.

One of these families was that of Lawrence Cayley, born in about 1832 in Ireland. He came to Canada in 1871, and worked as a painter/decorator, living in Oshawa, Ontario. He died before 1901. He and his wife were Roman Catholic. He married Arabella Nokes (born in 1839 in Toronto, died in 1906 in Oshawa). They had 15 children:

  • William Cayley (born c.1858 in Oshawa), who married Mida Stuart (born c.1860) in 1886, the year in which he moved to Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Lawrence Cayley, born in Ontario c.1860
  • Harry W Cayley, born in Ontario c.1862
  • Harriett Isabella Cayley, born in Ontario c.1863, who married John McDonald (born c.1853 in the United States), who was working as a mechanic in Hamilton, Ontario
  • James Edward Cayley (born in Ontario c.1866), who moved to Chicago, where in 1900 he married Eva Moyse (born in Canada c.1864). He died in 1916 of bronchitis and heart failure.
  • Charlotte Matilda Cayley (born in either Ontario or Detroit, Michigan in 1868 – the records conflict over the birthplace) who married John Small (born in Nelson, Ontario c.1863), a cabinet maker who settled in Toronto. They had at least one child – a daughter, Mildred Ada Small, born in 1896.
  • Catherine Cayley (born in Oshawa c.1871), who married Robert Stephen Smyth in Oshawa in 1896
  • John Joseph Cayley (born in Ontario in 1871), who married Lela Maud McDonald in 1898. He died in the Empress of India disaster on 29 May 1914. They had at least three children:
    • Harry G Cayley, born in Ontario in 1902
    • Hilda Arabella Cayley (born in Ontario in 1903), an artist who married Kenneth Thomson (born in Illinois c.1908), a lawyer – in 1940 the couple were living in Winchester, Massachusetts, United States
    • Gladys K Cayley (born in 1905), a piano teacher who in 1940 was staying with her sister Hilda Arabella
  • Michael Cayley, born c.1875 in Ontario
  • Frederick George Cayley, born in Ontario in 1875, who died of diptheria in 1884
  • Emma Cayley, or Emily Una Cayley (born in Ontario c.1876), who married Frank Riggs in Oshawa in 1896 and had at least one child, Ada Amelia Riggs, born in Ontario in 1898
  • Robert E Cayley born in Ontario in 1879), a painter/decorator who married Catherine Wilson in Oshawa in 1906. They had at least two children, both born in Ontario
    • Harry Cayley (born in 1908)
    • Della Cayley (born in 1911)
  • Arthur Cayley, born in 1879 in Ontario
  • Frank Cayley (born in 1886 in Ontario), who married Anna Kovalevsky (born c.1887) in Toronto in 1911