Cayley-Hodgman line

A family of Sussex/Kent origin, almost certainly connected with the Sussex Cayleys

John Cayley was born in about 1785 in Waldron, Sussex, England. He was an agricultural labourer who moved to the Isle of Thanet in Kent, and he married Sarah Hodgman (b. c.1792, Kent, d. 1847 in the Isle of Thanet). They had at least seven chidren:

  • William Cayley (b. 1820 in Thanet), who emigrated to Australia, and died in Adelaide in 1912
  • John Thomas Cayley (b. c.1827 in Thanet, d. there in January 1901), a gardener who in 1854 married Ann Stupples (b. c.1823 in Thanet, d. there in 1893), daughter of Richard Stupples, farm labourer
  • Edwin Cayley (b. c.1828 in Thanet; d. there in 1912), an agricultural labourer who in 1854 married Mary Whitnall (b.c.1830 in Thanet, d. there in 1889)
  • Ann Cayley (b. c.1829 in Thanet)
  • Margaret Cayley (b. c.1831 in Thanet)
  • Alfred Cayley (b. c. 1833 in Thanet)
  • Charles Cayley (b. c. 1835 in Thanet, d. there in 1903), a farm labourer who was a farm bailiff by the time of the 1881 census, and worked as a gardener in his old age. In 1859 he married Ann Foster (b. c. 1837 in Thanet), daughter of Stephen Foster. She worked as a laundress to supplement the family income.

John Thomas Cayley and Ann Stupples had at least five children:

  • Charles Edwin Cayley (b. 1855 in Thanet, who worked as a carpenter before joining the army, and died in Farnham, Surrey in 1885. In 1882 he married Rose Ryan, and they had at least one child:
    • Rose Cayley (b. 1885 in Aldershot, Hampshire), who married Hugh Dennis (b. c. 1879 in Fobbing, Essex), who was recorded as a butcher living in Broadstairs, Kent in the 1911 census.
  • John Thomas Cayley (b. 1858 in Thanet, d. 1914 in Leominster, Herefordshire), who lived from some years in London, where he worked as a commercial clerk. In about 1892 he married someone with the firstname Jane.
  • William Henry Cayley (b. 1861 in Thanet, d. there in 1891)
  • Mary Ann Cayley (b. 1863 in Thanet, d. there in 1917), who went into domestic service and then became a skirt machinist
  • Alfred Thompson Cayley (b. 1865 in Thanet, d. 1946 in Surrey), who in 1891 married Maria Dennis (b. 1862 in London, d. 1949 in Thanet), daughter of John Dennis. Alfred Thompson Cayley was recorded as a page boy working at an inn in Thanet in 1881. In 1891 he was a butler in central London; in 1901, a parcel porter at a post office in Lambeth; and in 1911, a housekeeper employed by a railway company.

Edwin Cayley and Mary Whitnall had at least six children:

  • Eliza Cayley (b. 1858 in Monkton, Kent)
  • Alfred John Cayley (b. 1861 in Monkton, Kent), a gardener and farm labourer who in 1888 married someone with the given names Mary Ann (b. c.1864 in the Isle of Sheppey, Kent). They had at least two children:
    • Alice Mary Cayley (b. 1889 in Ramsgate, Kent) who married William Friend in 1917
    • Alfred James Cayley (b. 1891 in Ramsgate, d. 1963 in Kent).
  • Agnes Ann Cayley (b. 1863 in Monkton, Kent), who went into domestic service
  • Edwin James Cayley (b.1866 in Thanet, Kent; d. 1961 in hospital in Chatham, Kent)
  • Albert George Cayley (b. 1869 in Ramsgate, Kent), who worked variously as a farm labourer, platelayer’s labourer and cellarman and who in 1897 married someone with the first name Annie

Charles Cayley and Ann Foster had at least eleven children

  • Walter John Cayley (b. 1861 in Margate, Kent)
  • Elizabeth Margaret Cayley (b. 1862 in Margate, Kent), who went into domestic service as a cook
  • James Draper Cayley (b. 1866 in Margate, Kent; d. 1951 in Kent), who worked as a farm labourer and then as a coachman, before becoming proprietor of a horse-drawn omnibus, and who married Alice Elizabeth Sharpe (b. 1872 in Kent, d. 1951 in Ashford, Kent). They had two children:
    • Annie Elizabeth E Cayley (b. 1894 in Thanet), who married Dalby W Farrow in 1917
    • Walter James Cayley (b. 1898 in Thanet, Kent; d. 1976 in Worthing, Sussex) who married Minnie Etches in 1925
  • Harriet Ann Cayley (b. 1868 in Thanet), who entered domestic service and who in 1891 married Stephen Foster, a shipping clerk born in Ramsgate, Kent in about 1870
  • Charles Cayley (b. 1870 in Thanet, d. there in 1872)
  • Ellen Neame Cayley (b. 1872 in Margate, Kent), who entered domestic service and who in 1903 married John Henry Johnson, a French polisher born in Staffordshire in about 1875
  • Margaret Sarah Cayley (b. 1874 in Margate, Kent; d. 1931 in Ashford Kent), who worked as a parlourmaid in London and Essex
  • Clara Jane Cayley (b. 1876 in Margate, Kent; d. 1949 in Bridge, Kent), who worked variously as a general domestic servant, a cook, and a hospital nurse
  • Charles Henry Cayley (b. 1877 in Margate, Kent; d. 1955 in Canterbury, Kent), who started work as a farm servant, then became a domestic servant in London, before becoming a cab driver in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent. He served in First World War. In 1908 he married Alice Cuthbert (b. 1885 in Egerton, Kent; d. 1953 in Canterbury, Kent). They had three children:
    • Essie Hilda Cayley (b. 1908 in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent; d. 1948 in Canterbury, Kent)
    • Charles Philip Cayley (b. 1910 in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent; d. 1990 in Canterbury, Kent), a civil servant who in 1954 married Elspeth Lesley Cross (b. 1925, d. 2001 in Canterbury, Kent)
    • Doris M Cayley (b. 1912 in Thanet, Kent) who in 1946 married Leonard C Horton
  • Emily Mildred Cayley (b. 1880 in Margate, Kent; d. 1887 in Thanet, Kent)
  • Minnie Florence Cayley (b. 1883 in Northdown, Kent; d. 1965 in Chelsea, London), who entered domestic service, working in Ilford, Esex and in London