Cayley-Delamere line

A family originating in Kent

Alexander Cayley (b. 1730 in Chatham Kent, England) married Mary Delamere (b. 1736 in Chatham) in 1761. They had at least one son, Alexander Cayley (b. 1765 in Dartford, Kent; d. 1845 in Dartford), who in 1785 married Elizabeth Burgis (b. in Rye, Sussex; d. 1839 in Dartford). Alexander and Elizabeth had at least 7 children:

  • John Cayley (born c.1795 in Chatham, Kent, d. 1856 in the Medway area of Kent), a ship joiner and grocer whose wife had the given name Charlotte and was born in about 1797 in Yalding, Kent, dying in 1884 in Mitford, Norfolk
  • Alexander Robert Cayley (b.1787 in Rochester, Kent), who married Sarah Price (born c.1801 in Middlesex), who is recorded in the 1841 census as a worsted dealer in Hammersmith, London. Alexander Robert Cayley and Sarah Price had at least four children:
    • Elizabeth Mary Cayley (b. 1823 in London, d. 1892 in Dartford, Kent), who in 1845 married Charles Mann in Ealing, London and who had at least nine children
    • Jane Margaret Cayley, baptised at St Clement Dane’s, London in 1826
    • Sarah Cayley (born c. 1827 in London), who in 1854 married Charles Edward Knapp at Milton, Kent
    • Ada Cayley (born in London about 1830, d. 1889 in Hastings, Sussex), who was a dressmaker
  • Mercy Cayley (b. 1796 in Chatham, Kent), who in 1813 married Richard Grant (born c.1791 in Margate, Kent)
  • Mary Ann Cayley (b. 1798 in Chatham, Kent), who married James Wood Kither (b. 1797 in Dartford, Kent, d. 1862 in Dartford), and who had at least six children.
  • Thomas Cayley (born c. 1799 in Chatham, Kent; d. 1876 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia), who emigrated to New Zealand in 1841, where he worked as a hospital nurse, before moving to Victoria, Australia, to work in the gold fields near Ballarat. In 1823 he married Mary Ann (or Marianne) Price (d. 1876 at Ballarat) at Aylesford, Kent.
  • James Cayley (baptised in Chatham, Kent in 1801, presumably died before 1805)
  • James Cayley (baptised in Chatham, Kent in 1805)

Thomas Cayley and Mary Ann Price had at least eight children:

  • Rebecca Cayley (b. 1828 in Rochester, Kent; d. 1876), who married Thomas Irving
  • Thomas Cayley (b. 1830 in Chatham, Kent, d. 1874 in Bathurst, New South Wales), who in 1854 married Margaret McGuire (d. 1875 in Bathurst) in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Celia Margaret Cayley (born c.1832 in London, England, d. 1870 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia), who had two husbands: Joseph Lewis, who died in 1859; and John Rowley (b. 1837 in Ludlow, Shropshire, d.1894 in Ballarat), whom she married in Victoria, Australia in 1865, and by whom she had at least three children.
  • Joseph Cherington Cayley (born in London in about 1836, d. 1871 in Goulburn, New South Wales), who married Margaret Cox (b. 1841, d. 1923 in Melbourne, Victoria Australia) in Sydney, New South Wales. Margaret worked as a dressmaker after her husband’s death.
  • Alexander Cherrington Cayley (b. 1841 in London, d. 1919 in Paradise Valley, Victoria, Australia)
  • Elizabeth Jane Cayley (b. 1844 in Wellington, New Zealand), who in 1863 married Joseph Hillman in Victoria, Australia
  • Mary Ann Cayley (b. 1846 in Wellington, New Zealand, d.1911 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia), who had two husbands: Henry Stronach Chittenden (b. 1845 in London, d. 1885 in Horsham, Victoria, Australia) – they married in Ballarat, Victoria in 1871 and had at least seven children; and Thomas Halford (b. 1840 in Honeybourne, Worcestershire) – they married in Fitzroy, Victoria in 1886 and had at least one son, Percival Thomas Halford (b. 1889 in Melbourne, Victoria).

Joseph Cherrington Cayley and Margaret Cox had at least three children:

  • Amelia Rebecca Cayley (b. 1862 in Goulburn, New South Wales), who in 1888 married Frederick John Jenkins (b. 1861 in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia). They had at least one child, Frederick Joseph Jenkins, born in St Kilda, Victoria in 1890.
  • Thomas Cayley (b. 1860 in Surrey Hills, New South Wales, d. 1829 in Bourke, New South Wales), a bootmaker who in 1892 married Catherine Ryan (b. 1866 in Richmond, Victoria, d. 1941 in Bourke, New South Wales)
  • Joseph Linley Cayley (b. 1871 in New South Wales).

Thomas Cayley and Catherine Ryan had four children:

  • Thomas Joseph Cherington Patrick Cayley (b. 1893 in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia; d. 1942 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Harold James Cayley (b. 1894 in Melbourne, Victoria, d. 1971 in Germany), a salesman who in 1922 married Elizabeth Eaton Ingham (b. 1899 in St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia; d. 1961 in Fitzroy, melbourne, Victoria). They had two sons:
    • Graham James Cayley (b. 1924 in Malvern, Victoria; d. 1981 in Box Hill, Victoria)
    • Neville Ingham Cayley (b. 1929 in Malvern, Victoria; d. 1975 in Victoria).
  • Joseph Alexander Cayley (b. 1897 in Mebourne, Victoria; d. 1939 in Frankston, Victoria), a clerk who in 1922 married Amy Doreen Moreland (b. 1902 in Arfmadale, Victoria; d. 1962 in Melbourne, Victoria). They had three children:
    • Kevin Bernard Cayley (b. 1924 in Melbourne, d. 1968 in Melbourne), a clerk
    • Valerie Denise Cayley (b. 1928 in Melbourne, Victoria; d. 2006 in Perth, Western Australia), who married Kenwyn Leonard Thackeray in 1949
    • Judith Barbara Cayley (b. 1934 in Melbourne, d. 2005 in Melbourne)
  • Henry Alfred Duncan Cayley (b. 1906 in Melbourne, Victoria; d. 1867 in New South Wales), a clerk.