Cayley-Bradbury line

Maresfield Church
Maresfield Church, Sussex where many Cayleys were baptised

This page is about a family of Sussex origin many of whom lived in Australia and the United States.

John Cayley was born, probably in the Maresfield area of Sussex, in about 1768 and died in London in 1847. He was almost certainly connected with earlier Sussex Cayleys. He was buried at Maresfield, Sussex His wife Sarah Anne Bradbury was born in about 1769 and died a few weeks before her husband, in 1847 in the village of Newick in Sussex, and was also buried at Maresfield.  They had at least eight children:

  • Henry Cayley, baptised at Maresfield in 1796, whose wife’s name was Mary and who had at least five children, all born and baptised in Maresfield:
    • James Cayley born in about 1826
    • Sarah Cayley born in about 1828
    • Ann Cayley born in about 1830
    • Mary Cayley born in about 1832
    • William Cayley born in about 1834
  • John Cayley, baptised in 1796 on the same day as Henry
  • Thomas Cayley, born in about 1798. He married Carolin Hayler (1806-1842) and worked as an agricultural labourer. living in Ethcingham, Sussex. They had at least seven children:
    • Hannah Cayley, born about 1828
    • Stephen Cayley, born about 1830
    • Caroline Cayley, born about 1834
    • George Cayley, born about 1836
    • Richard Cayley, born in 1839
    • Harriet Cayley, born about 1840
    • Sarah Cayley, born about 1841, who married who married John Pattenden (1839-1927) at Etchingham in 1867
  • George Cayley, baptised in 1801. Trees on suggest he had at least seven children, though I have not been able to prove this from other sources:
    • Charles Cayley
    • Warwick Cayley
    • John Cayley
    • Louisa Cayley
    • Emily Cayley
    • Elizabeth Cayley
    • Violet Cayley
  • Abraham Cayley, born about 1803. He was an agricultural labourer, turnpike keeper and gamekeeper in Sussex before moving to Bath in Somerset, where he was a gardener at the Pulteney Hotel, which still operates. In 1829 he married Eliza Tester (c.1810-1870). See further down for their descendants.
  • Sarah Cayley, born about 1805, who was probably the mother of Alfred Henry Cayley, whose 1825 baptismal entry in the Maresfield parish register describes his mother Sarah Cayley as a spinster and gives no name for the father. See below for Alfred Henry Cayley’s descendants.
  • Louisa Cayley, born about 1811
  • Martha Cayley, born about 1814

Descendants of Abraham Cayley b.1803 and Eliza Tester

Abraham Cayley and Eliza Tester had at least ten children:

  • Harriet Cayley b. about 1831 in Maresfield, Sussex. The 1851 census shows her working at the Pulteney Hotel in Bath. She then moved to London where she married John Henry Hickman in 1864. She was living in 1881.
  • Isaac Cayley, born in Maresfield in about 1834, and recorded in the 1851 census as working as a garden labourer at the Pulteney Hotel
  • Louisa Cayley, born in Maresfield in about 1836. The 1851 census shows her working at the Pulteney Hotel. By 1851 she was living in London, working as a needlewoman. In 1868 she married Isaac Fell. The 1901 census records her as living in Clapham, London.
  • Sarah Ann Cayley, born in Maresfield in about 1839 as working in 1851 at the Pulteney Hotel
  • Martha Cayley, born in Maresfield in about 1841, who married James Day in London in 1873
  • Mary Cayley, born in Maresfield in about 1844
  • Jacob Cayley, born in Bath in about 1845. He moved to Bristol, Gloucestershire, where he became a stationary engine driver – that is, he operated a steam engine in a factory. He married Frances Jane Tutton in about 1869. They had six children:
    • Isaac Tester Cayley (b. 1871), who emigrated to Canada in 1911 (there are descendants in both Canada and the United States);
    • Rosina Minnie Cayley (b. 1873), who stayed single and worked first as a domestic servant and then as a dressmaker in Bristol, Gloucestershire, dying in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset in 1940;
    • Bessie Sarah Louisa Cayley (b. 1875), who worked as a bonnet-maker in Bristol, where she married Ernest Charles Frank Cole in 1900;
    • Alice Eliza Cayley (b. 1878), a tailoress in Bristol who stayed single and died in hospital in Axbridge, Somerset in 1960;
    • Alfred Jacob Cayley (b. 1881), who worked variously as a cycle maker and an insurance agent in Bristol before marrying Emily Mustoe in Derby in 1917 – he died in Hendon, Middlesex in 1940;
    • Emily Mabel Cayley (b. 1885), who in her teens worked as a stationery packer in Bristol, and married Harold Player in 1909, dying in Weston-Super-Mare in 1968.
  • Benjamin Cayley, born in Bath in about 1847. He married Emma Burge in Bath in 1873, and moved back to Sussex to work as a gardener in Hove before emigrating to Omaha, Nebraska in 1886. He and Emma had at least five children:
    • Benjamin Francis Cayley, born in Bath in 1874, who married Mamie Washburn in Omaha, Nebraska in 1905
    • Ellen E Cayley, born in Brighton, Sussex, England in about 1877, who married Bert W Haynes and who is recorded in US censuses as living in Nebraska and Iowa
    • Margaret Louisa Cayley (b. 1880 in Brighton, Sussex, d. 1932 in Wyoming, United States), who married Alfred Edward Klopfer (1879-1985) in 1904 in Omaha, Nebraska
    • Bessie Cayley (b. 1882 in Steyning, Sussex, d. 1949 in Omaha, Nebraska), who married Claude Henry Cristy in 1905
    • Kathleen Emma Cayley, born in Steyning, Sussex in 1886, and who is recorded in US censuses in Wyoming and Nebraska
  • Alfred Cayley, born in Bath in about 1849. He married Adelaide Markwick in Bath in 1877 and moved with his brother Benjamin to both Hove and Omaha, working as a labourer. He and Adelaide had at east five children:
    • Eva Cayley (b. 1879 in Hove, Sussex, England, d. 1955 in Los Angeles). In 1920 she was working as a stenographer in Omaha, Nebraska
    • Eliza Cayley, born in Steyning, Sussex in 1881, and recorded in US censuses as living in Nebraska and Iowa. She married Edward Douglas Black.
    • Alice Beatrice Cayley, (b. 1882 in Sussex, d. 1918 in Portland, Oregon), and recorded in US censuses as living in Nebraska. She married William John Urquhart in 1906.
    • Adelaide Cayley (b.1884 in Sussex, d. 1969 in Los Angeles), recorded in US census as living in Omaha, Nebraska and in Los Angeles. In 1920 she was working as a seamstress in Los Angeles.
    • Freda Cayley (b. 1891 in Omaha, Nebraska, d. 1968 in Santa Monica, California). She lived for most of her life in Omaha, where she was working as a public school teacher in 1940.
  • Anne Eliza Cayley, born in Bath in about 1851, and working there as a housekeeper in 1871.

Alfred Henry Cayley (b.1825) and his descendants

Alfred Henry Cayley (b. 1825 in Maresfield, d. 1871 in Amherst, Victoria, Australia) was probably the son of Sarah Cayley who was born in about 1805 in Maresfield and who is described as a spinster in his baptism record, with no father given. She was a daughter of John Cayley and Sarah Anne Bradbury – see the top section of this webpage. He is recorded as a servant in Maresfield in the 1841 census, moved to London where he was a stationer, and emigrated to Victoria in 1852 on the Chalmers. In 1856 he married Kathleen Eliza Coates (1837-1928).

Alfred Henry Cayley and Kathleen Eliza Coates had at least seven children:

  • Kathleen Louisa Cayley (b. 1856 in Amherst, Victoria; d. 1947 in Mornington, Victoria), who in 1878 married Robert Duncan Gourley (b. 1857 in Killarney, Ireland; d. 1912 in Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Frederick John Cayley (b. 1858 at McCallum Creek, Talbot, Victoria; d. 1949 in Preston, Victoria), who worked as a butcher in Werribee (where the family lived until at least the 1920s) and subsequently a farmer in Victoria. In 1897 he married Sarah Jane Wood, and they had at least four children:
    • Warwick Calmady Cayley (b. 1898 in Northcote, Victoria; d. 1987 in Werribee, Victoria), a farmer and thoroughbred horse breeder who served in World War 2 and who in 1946 was a Lt-Colonel, and became chairman of Metropolitan Dairies
    • Emily May Cayley (b. 1900 in Outtrim, Victoria; d. 1976 in Toorak, Victoria), who worked as a clerk
    • Frederick Wood Cayley (b. 1903 in Outtrim, Victoria; d. 1969 in Toorak, Victoria), who was a dairyman, founding Metropolitan Dairies, and who in 1940 married Ivy Maie Atkinson (1906-1998)
    • Francis James Cayley (b. 1906 in Werribee, Victoria; d. 1969 in Toorak, Victoria), who became a director of Metropolitan Dairies in 1949
  • Sarah Ann Cayley (b. 1860 at McCullins Creek, Maryborough, Victoria; d. 1899 in Western Australia
  • Ellen Mary Cayley (b. 1862 in Maryborough, Victoria), who in 1896 married George Nott
  • Alfred Henry Cayley (b. 1864 in Maryborough, Victoria, where he died in 1936), a blacksmith who married Eliza (Elizabeth) Ellen Rankin in 1887. They had at least 8 children:
    • William Alfred Cayley (b. 1888 in Maryborough, Victoria; d. 1960 in Victoria), a driver who in 1915 married Mary Florence Rowe (d. 1983) and had one daughter, Dorothy June Cayley (1923-2002) who married Robert Milton Dockery in 1945
    • Kathleen Elizabeth Cayley (b. 1890 on Majorca, Victoria; d. probably before 1949)
    • Ellen (Nellie) Cayley (b. 1891 in Carisbrook, Victoria; d. 1974 in Mooropna, Victoria), who married John George Alexander Blair (1891-1941) in 1919
    • Mary Cayley (b. 1894 in Majorca, Victoria; d. probably before 1977)
    • Myrtle Cayley (b. 1896 in Majorca, Victoria)
    • Frederick Warwick Cayley (b. 1898 in Majorca, Victoria)
    • Florence Ivy Cayley (b. 1901 in Maryborough, Victoria)
    • Vera Alice Cayley (b. 1904 in Maryborough, Victoria), who was a textile workjer in 1931.
  • Elizabeth Emily Cayley (b. 1867 in Maryborough, Victoria), who married James Eunson in 1893
  • Warwick James Cayley (b. 1871 in Craigie, Victoria; d. 1889 in Melbourne, Victoria)