A London/Surrey family

John Cayley of Frimley b. about 1771 and his descendants

John Cayley, born in about 1771, worked as a tailor in the Frimley area of Surrey. He was buried at St Peter’s, Frimley in 1845. His wife had the first names Mary Eleanor and died in 1844. They had at least four children:

  • Charles Cayley (b. c.1805 in Pimlico, London; d. 1881 in Farnham, Surrey), who worked as a tailor and clothier in Frimley and Farnham. The 1861 census shows him employing 14 people, so the business was quite substantial. he had at least one child, a daughter, Agatha Cayley (b. c.1847 in Southwark), who married in 1864.
  • Campbell Robert Cayley (b. c.1809 in Pimlico, London; d. 1866 in the Farnham area), who was in partnership with his older brother Charles. His wife had the fist name Elizabeth, and died in 1871 in Reading, Berkshire
  • Caroline Cayley (c.1814-1844), who married Joseph Raine and was buried in Frimley in 1844
  • Emma Cayley, baptised in Frimley in 1814

Campbell Robert Cayley and his wife Elizabeth had at least seven children:

  • Elizabeth Charlotte Cayley (b. c.1836 in Frimley), who married Charles Ramsay, a London tailor, in 1856
  • William St George Cayley (b. 1838 in Frimley, d. 1840 in Farnham)
  • Campbell Edward Cayley (b. 1840 in Frimley, d. 1905 in Brentford, Middlesex), recorded as a market gardener in the 1901 census. In 1875 he married Martha Townsend Early.
  • Emma Augusta Cayley (b. 1842 in Frimley, d. after 1905), who in 1872 married John Carrington in Marylebone, London
  • Alice Amelia Cayley (b. 1847 in Farnham, d. there in 1849)
  • John Drewitt Cayley (b. 1850 in Frimley, d. 1871 in Wokingham, Berkshire), recorded in the 1871 census as working as an architect’s clerk in Grimston, Yorkshire, though this may have been for a particular building project
  • Rosa Maud Cayley (b. 1857 in Frimley, d. 1879 in Acton, Middlesex)