The Cayley Robinsons and relatives

I have now added a page to the website on Harriet Cayley (1800-1879) who married Charles Robinson, and their descendants, who include the painter Frederick Cayley Robinson and an Australian female explorer. I hope to add more information (and possibly more people) to the page over time. You can find it at Harriet Cayley’s descendants.


Sussex and Kent Cayleys

I have started adding more information about Sussex and Kent Cayleys of the 16th to 18th centuries. A number of the family relationships are uncertain, and I have tried to make some moderately intelligent surmises on the basis of what we can find in parish registers. This is work in progress. You can see where I have got to at Sussex and Kent Cayleys of the 16th to 18th centuries.

Cayleys and a Ghost

How were Cayleys connected with a ghost? I have just added a website page to explain all!

Imagine the scene. It is 21 November 1717. It is evening in the vicarage of Hackness near Scarborough in Yorkshire. Candles have been lit where the parson and his family are sitting, but there would be strong shadows in part of the room. A disembodied voice from nowhere calls out, “Amy, Amy!” Two evenings later there is a mysterious knocking three times on the inner door of the porch. The same again the next day…

So begins the tale of the Hackness Ghost, in which three Cayleys became caught up. It goes on to include mysterious happenings with keys and rings, a bare male bosom, allegations of serious fraud, toothmarks on a finger, a spectre leading a young woman on a long flight through the air, and what must have been very unusual business for a government Cayley lawyer, which I am sure he relished. It is a fascinating story. To read all about it, go to Ghostly Goings-on at Hackness. Enjoy!

Cayleys in fiction

Yes, people with the Cayley surname feature in fiction. They include a murderer in A A Milne’s only crime novel, an intrepid late Victorian female in a romp by Grant Allen, and a Lady Sarah Cayley in a novel by May Sinclair. I have added a page to the website listing works I know of. Please tell me of others you come across, using the contact page.

Several of the novels are available for free download on the internet, from sites like

Everything transferred from the old website!

In true Michael Cayley masochistic form, I have spent half the day transferring the remaining information  – relating to families not connected with the Cayley baronets – over from the old website. Job now complete!

I will probably give myself a well-earned rest from the website tomorrow. I will soon start thinking about what other information to add.

More pages added

I have now transferred to this website all the family tree information on the old website relating to the Cayley baronets and connected families. Enjoy! Over time, I plan to add some more information.

What remain to be moved are the pages relating to other families not associated with the Yorkshire baronets.

Good progress!