Cayleys in fiction

Yes, people with the Cayley surname feature in fiction. They include a murderer in A A Milne’s only crime novel, an intrepid late Victorian female in a romp by Grant Allen, and a Lady Sarah Cayley in a novel by May Sinclair. I have added a page to the website listing works I know of. Please tell me of others you come across, using the contact page.

Several of the novels are available for free download on the internet, from sites like


Everything transferred from the old website!

In true Michael Cayley masochistic form, I have spent half the day transferring the remaining information  – relating to families not connected with the Cayley baronets – over from the old website. Job now complete!

I will probably give myself a well-earned rest from the website tomorrow. I will soon start thinking about what other information to add.

More pages added

I have now transferred to this website all the family tree information on the old website relating to the Cayley baronets and connected families. Enjoy! Over time, I plan to add some more information.

What remain to be moved are the pages relating to other families not associated with the Yorkshire baronets.

Good progress!