Want a North Wales pilgrimage?

If you want a Cayley pilgrimage in Britain, you may well think of Brompton-by-Sawdon, Scarborough and neighbouring places in Yorkshire Рor the string of towns and villages in Norfolk where medieval forebears of the Yorkshire Cayleys had land. But there is also Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay in North Wales. Sir George Allanson Cayley, 8th Baronet, had property at Llanerch, Denbighshire and was High Sheriff of Denbighshire in 1883 and 1898. His son Sir George Everard Cayley, 9th Baronet, gave land and money for improvements at Rhos-on-Sea in 1900-1902.

There is a batch of street names etc in Rhos-on-Sea with Cayley associations – named after members of the family or places connected with Cayleys. Most obvious is Cayley Promenade, but you will also find Kenelm Road, Allanson Road, Digby Road, Everard Road, Francis Avenue, Brompton Avenue, Brompton Park, Ebbertson Road East, Ebberston Road West, Norton Road, Llanerch Road East, Llanerch Road West and Crossley Road (one of Sir George Everard’s daughters married the Hon. John de Bathe Crossley).

And if you need fortification as you pay Cayley homage, or want to toast the family, why not drop into the pub called the Cayley Flyer on Rhos Promenade?

With thanks to Mike Headon, a local historian and genealogist who has been researching the origin of street names in Colwyn Bay, for emailing me with an enquiry about some street names there Рand hence prompting me to write this post.