Russia Merchant line

Descendants of John Cayley, British Consul, St Petersburg

John Cayley (1730-95), British consul in St Petersburg, and his wife Sarah Cozens had nine children, all born in St Petersburg:

  • Elizabeth Cayley, b. 1757, who married William Henry Poggenpohl (1751-1793) in St Petersburg in 1782. He was a diplomat who died in Kent.
  • Sally Cayley (1759-1760)
  • John Cayley (1761-1831), who became a member of the family’s Russia merchant partnership, and retired to Surrey, where he died. In 1799 he married Harriette Raikes (1779-1870), daughter of a leading English merchant and freemason in St Petersburg. See below for their descendants.
  • Cornelius Cayley (1762-1836), another Russia merchant, who spent most of his life helping to look after the England end of the business, and retired to Sowerby in Yorkshire. In 1784 he married Sarah Ward (1763-1846). They had three children:
    • Cornelius John Cayley (1786-1862), who spent most of his life at Sowerby and never married
    • Elizabeth Sarah Cayley (1788-1871), who married James Favell of Normanton, Yorkshire – one of their grandchildren was Arthur Cayley Headlam (1862-1947), who was appointed Bishop of Gloucester in 1923, and who was keenly interested in ecumenical affairs
    • Sarah Cayley (d. 1857)
  • George Cayley (1763-1831), who practised as a doctor in Russia, including two years as a medical officer with the Russian army before setting up a practice in Moscow. In or before 1798 he settled as a doctor in Durham. He was a close friend of a number of Russians, including the anarchist and revolutionary Mikhail Bakunin. He was buried in Durham Cathedral.
  • Sarah Cayley (b. 1764), who in 1785 married Edward Moberley, a member of another family of English merchants in Russia
  • Ann Cayley (1765-1766)
  • William Cayley (1766-1803), yet another Russia merchant, who succeeded his father as British consul in St Petersburg, where he died a few years later. In 1792 he married Elizabeth Cavanaugh (1764-1852) in St Petersburg: after his death she settled in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. They had two children:
    • William Cayley (1798-1802)
    • Maria Elizabeth Cayley (c. 1804-1876), who was born after her father’s death and moved with her mother to Southwell, where she lived until her death.
  • Henry Cayley (1768-1850), who was one of the Cayley merchants in St Petersburg, where he married Mary Antonia Doughty (c. 1799-1875) in 1814. Probably in the 1830’s they moved to London, where he continued his business interests. See towards the bottom of this page for their descendants.

Descendants of John Cayley (1761-1831) and Harriette Raikes

John Cayley and Harriette Raikes had ten children:

  • Lucy Cayley (1802-1803), who was born and died in St Petersburg
  • Another Lucy Cayley (b. 1803 in St Petersburg, d. 1870), who married the Rev Charles Edward Hutchinson in London in 1829: he was a Sussex clergyman and a canon of Chichester Cathedral
  • Edward Cayley (1805-1871), who never married. He was born in St Petersburg, and stayed on for some years in Russia after most of the family returned to England, though he settled in England before his death.
  • William Cayley (1807-1890), who was born in St Petersburg, and qualified as a barrister in London. He moved to Toronto in about 1836, practising law there. He became a prominent Canadian politician, despite losing large sums of money when a firm he was involved in went bust. There were rumours that he was insolvent, but he came through and acquired other valuable business interests. A bank of which he was a Director got into difficulties in about 1860, and the following year the shareholders voted not to reappoint him. The bank collapsed five years later. As a politician he was a Conservative, and served more than one term as Inspector-General for Upper Canada, a post with financial responsibility. He was an advocate of tariffs to protect Canadian produce. He failed to plan sufficiently for the potential difficulties being caused by growth in government spending, and lost his seat in the Canadian Assembly when a recession brought a crisis in 1857. He resumed his legal practice, and also became Chairman of the Dominion Telegraph Company. From 1870 to 1877 he was auditor of Ontario. He died in Toronto. In 1836 he married Emma Robinson Boulton (1818-1890), daughter of a leading Conservative politician. For their descendants, see A Canadian Politician’s Family.
  • Francis Melville Cayley (b. 1809 in St Petersburg, d. 1874 in London)
  • Charles Cayley (b. and d. 1811 in St Petersburg)
  • John Cayley (1812-1813), b. and d. in St Petersburg
  • Maria Cayley (b. 1814 in St Petersburg, d. 1885 in England), who married Charles Chevall Tooke in Lewes, Sussex in 1840
  • John Cayley (1816-1900), who was born in Bath, Somerset, and emigrated to Toronto, where he worked as a (possibly senior) clerk. In Canda he married Clara Louisa Boulton (1826-1898), a niece of his sister-in-law Emma Robinson Boulton. He probably moved back to England in the early 1880’s, settling in Bromley, Kent.
  • Harriet Cayley (1800-1879), who was born in London, and who in 1821 married a London banker, Charles Robinson.

John Cayley (1816-1900) and Clara Louisa Boulton had four children:

  • Adela Sidney Cayley (1850-1931), who was born in Ontario and married Christopher Wolston (d. 1923), a doctor, in 1873
  • Clara Louisa Cayley (1852-1914), who was born in Ontario, and moved to Kent with her father. In 1894 she married William Fitzwilliam Burton (d. 1909) of Burton Hall, Carlow, Ireland.
  • Claud Thornton Cayley (1854-1928), who was born in Bickley, Kent and died in London. He was one of the proprietors of an arms-manufacturing company. He married Esther Mary Bayley (c.1855-1926) in 1881. In 1928 he married again, his wife being Blanche Graham Ford (d. 1942). Claud Thornton Caykley and his first wife had six children:
    • Claude d’Arcy Cayley (born in Croydon, Surrey in 1882, died in Hampstead in 1948), a career army officer who served as a lieutenant in India, and then was wounded badly enough in the First World War to be discharged in 1916. In 1917 he married Lillian Gertrude Hall (d. 1942). Their son Robert Edward Digby Cayley (1918-1983) lived part of his life in Bath, Somerset, and married Mary Florence Louvain Robins (d. 2005) in 1942
    • Adela Mary Cayley (1883-1954), who was born in Bromley, Kent, and in 1915 married Brigadier William Albany Fetherstonhaugh (1876-1947)
    • Mabel Boulton Cayley (b. 1884), who married a clergyman, Henry Lynden Potter (d. 1943) in 1907
    • Dorothy Gladys Cayley (1886-1936), born in Hampstead, who in 1911 married Edward George Tewson of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
    • Edward St Quentin Cayley (born in Hampstead in 1887, died in Tonbridge, Kent in 1941), who married Sybil Frances Haloloran (d. 1975) in 1916.
    • Charles Knightley Cayley (1888-1916), who married Isabella Alice Leach (d. 1956) in 1915.
  • Francis Osmond Cayley (1826-1921), who lived in Toronto and in 1882 married Marion Louisa Robinson (d. 1943), a baronet’s daughter. They had four daughters:
    • Clara Gwendoline Cayley (b. 1884)
    • Julia Isabel Cayley (1885-1961), who married Robert Alexander Laidlaw in 1913
    • Hilda Marion Cayley (1887-1915), who married Charles delamere Magee in 1910
    • Marjorie Gordon Cayley (b. 1897), who in 1925 married John William Gamble Boyd

Descendants of Henry Cayley (1768-1850) and Mary Antonia Doughty

Henry Cayley (1768-1850, the youngest son the John Cayley, British consul in St Petersburg) and his wife Mary Antonia Doughty had six children:

  • Mary Cayley (b. c.1815)
  • Sophia Cayley (b. in St Petersburg in 1816, d. 1889 in Lewisham, Kent)
  • William Henry Cayley (1818-1819)
  • Arthur Cayley mathematician 2
    Arthur Cayley 1821-95, mathematician

    Arthur Cayley (born in Richmond, Surrey in1821, died in Cambridge in 1895), the famous mathematician forced to spend much of the first part of his working life as a London lawyer before being appointed Sadlerian Professor of Pure Mathematics at Cambridge University in 1863. In 1865 he married Susan Moline (c.1831-1923), and they had two children:

    • Henry Cayley (1870-1949), an architect who married Kate Dixon (1876-1967) in 1907
    • Mary Cayley (1867-1950)
  • Charles Bagot Cayley (b. near St Petersburg in 1823, d. in London in 1883), linguist and close friend of the poetess Christian Rossetti: see Charles Bagot Cayley
  • Henrietta Caroline Cayley (b. in Blackheath, Kent in 1828, d. 1886 in Hastings, Sussex)