A Canadian Politician’s Family

William Cayley (1807-1890), Canadian politician, lawyer and businessman, and his wife Emma Robinson Boulton (1818-1890) had ten children:

  • John d’Arcy Cayley (1837-1911), a clergyman who was born in England. He married Mary Magdalene Cartwright (d. 1900) in 1861 in Sussex, where he was curate in charge of a church near Lewes. In 1863 they emigrated to Ontario, Canada. There he was rector of Whitby (1863-1874), and of St George’s, Toronto from 1874. In 1889 he became a canon and precentor of the Anglican Cathedral in Toronto.
  • Harriet Ann Cayley (b. 1839)
  • Sophia Emma Cayley 1851-1930 in 1879
    Sophia Emma Cayley (1851-1930) in 1879

    Francis Cayley (1845-1909), born in Toronto, who married Jane Isabel Easton (d. 1920) in 1874. They had four children:

    • Emma Robinson Cayley (b. 1876)
    • Adelaide Mary Cayley (b. 1877) who married R H Strickland
    • Muriel Isabel Cayley (b. 1879) who married Jay Scholefield
    • William Henry Cayley (b. 1881)
  • Mary Cayley (1847-1890), known as Minnie, who married Captain W Glascott (1837-1880) in 1866, and had twelve children
  • Sophia Emma Cayley (born in Toronto in 1851, died in Wandsworth, Surrey, England in 1930)
  • William Cayley (b. 1852)
  • Richard Cayley (b. c.1854)
  • Hugh St Quentin Cayley 1857-1934
    Hugh St Quentin Cayley 1857-1934

    Hugh St Quentin Cayley (1857-1934), a barrister and politician who moved to Calgary in 1882, was Premier of the Candian North West Territories, and in 1897 moved moved to Vancouver, where he became a senior judge. In that year he married Leonora Adelaide Cochrane (1873-1934) in Vernon, British Columbia, and they had one son:

    • Beverley Cochrane Cayley (1898-1928), a keen mountaineer who loved climbing in the Rockies. Mt Cayley in the Cascades Range is named after him.
  • Beverley Cayley (1859-1880)
  • Arthur Cayley (1859-1880)

John d’Arcy Cayley and Mary Magdalene Cartwright had five children:

  • Mary Augusta Cayley (1862-1926), who was born in Sussex, England, went to Canada with her father, and subsequently returned to England: she died at Hastings, Sussex
  • Edward Cartwright Cayley (1864-1921), a Toronto clergyman who in 1895 married Alice Broughall (d. 1951)
  • Arthur Macaulay Cayley (1867-1910), a career army officer who rose to the rank of Major in the Royal Artillery of the British army
  • Cecil Maud Cayley (b. c.1868 in Ontario, died in 1916 at King’s Norton, Worcestershire, England)
  • Emma Madeline Cayley (d. 1940), who in 1902 married Noel Burn Rosher.

Edward Cartwright Cayley and Alice Broughall had six children:

  • Arthur Bowen Cayley (1898-1973), who was wounded and captured in World War 1. In 1921 he married Katherine Vanderweken Howland (d. 1973).
  • Hugh Cartwright Cayley (1901-1967), who lived in Toronto and in 1928 married Ethel Ann Farquharson Matthews (d. 1934)
  • Alice Margaret Cayley, who married Arthur Arundell Harcourt Vernon (b. 1895) in 1925. Her husband served in both World Wars.
  • Cicely Cayley (d. 1906)
  • Sylvia Cayley (1909-1990), who in 1937 married a clergyman, Terence Patrick Crosthwait
  • Ray d’Arcy Cayley (b. 1912), who married William Ramsay Osler in 1947.

The website http://cayley.ca/wiki/wiki.php?n=Cayley.FrontPage?from=Site.FrontPage has photos of some of the houses where some of these Cayleys lived, with some biographical information and some links to further information.