7th Baronet’s Descendants

Sir Digby Cayley, the 7th Cayley baronet (1807-1883) and his wife Dorothy Allanson (d. 1881) had five children:

  • George Allanson Cayley (b. Ripon, Yorkshire in 1831, d. 1895 at Port Said, Egypt, presumably on a cruise to see antiquities of Egypt), who was born in Ripon, Yorkshire, and educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1878 he inherited an estate in Denbighshire, of which he became High Sheriff a few years later. He was a keen cricketer, though he never seems to have done that well. His batting average when playing for Cambridge University was just under 18 runs; and both while he was at Cambridge and later when he played for the Yorkshire Gentlemen, there were slightly gleeful reports of his being out for a duck. See the blog post The cricketing baronet. From 1872 to 1895 he was Registrar of Deeds for the North Riding of Yorkshire. In 1859 he married his cousin Catherine Louisa Worsley (d. 1907), daughter of Sir William Worsley and Sara Philadelphia Cayley. George Allanson Cayley became the 8th Cayley baronet on his father’s death.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Cayley (1832-1847)
  • Digby Cayley (b. in Ripon, Yorkshire in 1834; d. 1912 at Malton, Yorkshire), who was a gentleman farmer and land agent in Yorkshire. He was often employed as a land agent by the Board of Agriculture. When King Edward VII was Prince of Wales, Digby Cayley was one of his friends. In 1859 he married Charlotte Philadelphia Bower (d. 1901), daughter of Robert Bower of Welham Hall near Norton, Yorkshire.
  • Reginald Arthur Cayley (b. in Ripon, Yorkshire in 1837; d. 1918 in Frome, Somerset), a clergyman, who was rector of Scampton, Lincolnshire from 1863 to 1884, and held various other livings, ending as Rector of Stowell, Somerset from 1897 to his death. In 1864 he married a clergyman’s daughter, Mary Louisa Bucknall-Estcourt (d. 1924). They had 7 children:
    • Cecil Reginald Cayley (1865-1935), who married Ida Rutherford Gibbs (d. 1931) in 1893. They had one son, Philip Estcourt Cayley (1894-1947), an army officer who served in India and distinguished himself in both World Wars. In 1930 he had to pay £1,000 in damages for committing adultery with Mrs Marie Stokes.
    • Lionel Richard Cayley (1867-1950)
    • Edith Margaret Cayley (1868-1869)
    • Edmund Henry George Cayley (1870-1945), who married Marie Olga Martin (d. 1910) in Vancouver in 1898. They had 6 children. In 1913 he married his second wife, Laura Eugénie Beatrice Fox (d. 1949).
    • Dora Cayley (1871-1941), who awarded a MBE in 1918
    • Isabel Mary Cayley (1873-1947), who worked as a librarian and then a teacher
    • Hester Charlotte Cayley (1876-1952)
  • Dora Cayley (b. in Ripon in 1841, d. 1931), who in 1870 married George Arthur Thompson, son of an army colonel, and who had 6 daughters and 2 sons. Among their children was a lady British golf champion and representative of England in international golf matches, Bertha Thompson – see the blog post Golfing prowess.

Descendants of George Allanson Cayley and Catherine Louisa Worsley

George Allanson Cayley and Catherine Louisa Worsley had three children:

  • George Everard Arthur Cayley (b. 1861 in York, d. 1917 in London), the 9th Cayley baronet, who retained his father’s connection with North Wales, in addition to Yorkshire, and in about 1900-1902 gave £15,000 plus some land to the council of Colwyn Bay. A Cayley Promenade at Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay is named after him. In 1884 he married Lady Mary Susan Montagu-Stuart-Wortley (1861-1941), whose father inherited the title of Earl of Wharncliffe. They had five children:
    • Dorothy Frances Cayley (1888-1955), who in 1918 married Captain the Hon John de Bathe Crossley, the son of a baron
    • Margaret Renée Cayley (b. 1892), who had two husbands.The first was Commander Ernest Henry Rideout (d. 1923), whom she married in 1915, and by whom she had two children; the second was William Philip Jeffcock (d. 1963), whom she married in 1929 and by whom she had one son.
    • Francis Digby Edward Cayley (b. 1894, killed in action in 1915)
    • Kenelm Henry Ernest Cayley (1896-1967), the 10th baronet, who was wounded and captured in World War 1, and became a major in the Pioneer Corps in World War 2. In 1929 he married Frances Elizabeth Edwyna Brewis, and they had seven daughters, so the baronetcy passed to a slightly more junior branch of the family. He put the Cayley estate in Brompton up for sale in 1952.
    • Anne Letitia Mary Cayley (1899-1960), who married Henry John Cator (1897-1963), who was awarded the Military Cross in 1917 and became High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1957. They had two sons.
  • Digby William Cayley (b. 1862 in London, d. 1928 at Scarborough, Yorkshire)
  • Ethel Barbara Cayley (b. 1865 in London, d. 1956 in Scarborough, Yorkshire), who published a slim volume of poems in 1911.

Descendants of Digby Cayley (1834-1912) and Charlotte Philadelphia Bower

Digby Cayley (1834-1912) and his wife Charlotte Philadelphia Bower had 15 children:

  • Helen Dora Cayley (1860-1940), who in 1892 married a businessman, Christopher John Leyland (1849-1926). They had 6 children.
  • Julia Philadelphia Cayley (1861-1923), who married twice. Her first marriage, in 1891, was to Ernest Richard Bradley Hall Watt (d. 1908), who served as High Sheriff of Yorkshire, and by whom she had two children. The second was to Gervas Malcom Eyre (d. 1926).
  • Alice Erica Cayley (1863-1937)
  • Beatrice Mary Eugenia Cayley (1862-1938), who married John William Coulthurst (d. 1939) in 1898.
  • Digby Leonard Arthur Cayley (1864-1948), who in 1894 married Beatrice Coddington (d. 1945), daughter of a Yorkshire businessman and MP. They had three children:
    • Digby Coddington Cayley (1895-1965), who served in the Gallipoli campaign and in 1924 married Beatrice Elizabeth Eleanora Campbell-Renton (d. 1996). They had three children.
    • William Arthur Seton Cayley (1896-1964), who in 1937 married Natalie Maud Grey (d. 1994). They had two children, one of whom inherited the baronetcy in 1967 when Sir Kenelm Henry Ernest Cayley, the 10th baronet, died without leaving a male heir.
    • Cuthbert John Cayley (1907-1980), a maker of documentary films who flew with the RAF in World War 2. In 1938 he married his cousin Cecil Lilla Iris Cayley, daughter of his uncle George Cuthbert Cayley.
  • George Cuthbert Cayley (1866-1944), a career naval officer, who reached the rank of Admiral. There is an amusing memory of his entertaining King George V in 1915 on a royal visit to the naval establishment where he was in charge and telling the king that the Chief Constable of Suffolk had been in post “30 years too long” and was “a damned old fool.” In 1897 he married Cecil Mildred May Jones, and they had four children:
    • Hyacinth Cayley, who died in infancy in 1899
    • Cecil Lilla Iris Cayley (1901-1973), who in 1938 married her cousin Cuthbert John Cayley, son of her uncle Digby Leonard Arthur Cayley and Beatrice Coddington
    • Ivy Violet Cayley (1903-1936)
    • Paul Charles Cuthbert Cayley (b. 1906, d. 1945 as a result of an accident while on active service), who in 1939 married Cassandra Rosamond Elaine Legard (d. 1989), descended from a family with whom the Cayleys had intermarried in previous centuries. They had two children.
  • Valentine Charles Hugh Cayley (1868-1948)
  • Catherine Eleanor Millicent Cayley (1869-1934), who in 1901 married Walter Henry Cowan (1871-1956), an career army officer who served with sufficient distinction to earn an entry in the Dictionary of National Biography
  • Robert Edward Cornelius Cayley (b. 1870, died while serving in the army in Mombasa 1896)
  • Mary Caroline Charlotte Cayley (died in infancy in 1872)
  • Harry Francis Cayley (1873-1954), a career naval officer who reached the rank of captain. He married Margery Freake (d. 1901) in 1900, and they had one daughter.
  • Herbert Cayley (b. 1874, died in N W Rhodesia in 1907), who entered the Royal Navy
  • Lucy Violet Cayley (1876-1959), who in 1916 married Philip Francis Bouverie-Pusey (d. 1933), son of Captain Francis Charteris Fletcher. Her husband changed his name when he inherited from his uncle.
  • Lewis Richard Cayley (1877-1932), who in 1926 married Etheldrida Mary Hall (d. 1954)
  • Octavia Cayley (1881-1957), so-named because she was the eighth daughter, who married George Thomson in 1921.