Twopeny drawings

One of the delights of having made family history information available on the web is the contacts this can lead to. In the last year or so, in addition to people who themselves have Cayley connections, I have had emails and messages from a regimental historian, someone researching the local history of the Colwyn Bay and Rhos on Sea area of Wales, someone writing a book on the history of Scarborough in Yorkshire, and, in the last few days, David Hill, a retired professor of the University of Leeds, who is researching a portfolio of drawings he acquitted in 2017 and which are of subjects in the Little Casterton area of Rutland.

Among the drawings are some by members of the Twopeny family. The Rev Richard Twopeny was one of my direct ancestors: his daughter Frances married my great-great-grandfather Edward Cayley, 1782-1868. Richard was Rector of Little Casterton from 1783 to his death in 1843, and six of his daughters were punningly nicknamed the Splendid Shilling.

One of Frances’s sisters was Mary who married a first cousin, another clergyman called David Twopeny, who was vicar of Stockbury, Kent from 1831. In 1824 David made one of the sketches in the portfolio acquired by David Hill. It depicts Northborough Manor, Northamptonshire, and you can see it in David Hill’s web journal, Sublime Sites. David Hill is likely to be adding other sketches from the portfolio soon, so keep an eye on, or follow, his web journal if you are interested.

Author: Michael Cayley

I am a retired civil servant. My main interests are reading (omnivorously - I like most genres, but dislike books with lots of violence), drawing and painting, family history, classical music, and playing the organ as an unpaid volunteer at my church. Oh, and I adore cats.

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